Bridget Perry

I am a San Diego based Graphic & Web Designer with a BA in Global Studies from UC Santa Barbara and a passion for travel and storytelling in all forms. Having completed the UCSD Extension Certificate Program in Graphic & Web Design in 2018, I am currently seeking opportunities to implement my skills and produce meaningful content.

Design at its core is about telling a story; when done well it should leave one with a sense of understanding and perspective not held before.  In this way, it is a powerful tool for empathy.  To design without consideration for the story is to design without purpose; the end result of failed design is a failure to connect.

My career goals are driven by a passion for sustainable business practices.  I believe that sustainable businesses are not only necessary to the future well being of our planet and people, but that they are the next leaders of the global economy. Working with them is an opportunity to help steer the market towards more mindful consumerism and establish business practices that benefit from bettering the planet.

Personal love for travel and photography inspire both creative projects and personal growth.  It is one of the greatest challenges and joys of travel to lose a sense of comfort and home only to rediscover them somewhere new. These moments of rediscovery are valuable sources for empathy and in pursuing design I strive to turn these moments into a universal language, for within them lies our common human experience.